…one day

…One day as I went to Youghal  by the sea…
by Rich Yates

Prototype piece of interactive memory montage.

Clear plastic sheets attached with nuts and bolts to a sheet of Plexiglas.
CMYK Color separations and white masks printed onto plastic sheets.
Best viewed on a light table or a white background.

This is an interactive photo montage of my memories of the town of Youghal in County Cork, Ireland. This artifact is intended to show how some memories are clearer than others and how they often overlap or fade with time.

Viewers of this piece are encouraged to explore the make up of my photo montage. Manipulate my representation, change the order of my memories causing some to be clearer and others to be fade or to disappear altogether or become peripheral memories. Along with changing the order or presence of the images a viewer of this piece can also explore the colors making up the different images by removing or including different print colors thus changing the tone of the memories making them somewhat surreal. Viewers are encouraged to do all of these manipulations and to leave behind a composition of their own for the next viewer, thus temporarily communicating their own representation to others.


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