time fast/time slow

To address time in my final project, I knew that I wanted to incorporate moving imagery with stop motion animation somehow.  To me, this was the most logical way for me to tackle the subject, but it also seemed to be the most literal. That said, I want the subject explored to be time-related in content.  The resulting movie addresses the relationship between time passing in terms of my day-to-day objects and activities and in terms of the pace of the natural world from the human perspective.

Through choice of materials, imagery and audio, my representation of these occurrences attempts to serve as a reminder that while I stay busy in my daily life, there is an unquantifiable amount of natural events unfolding. Recognizing the difference in the pace of these events is one idea I’m trying to communicate: everyday events happen so fleetingly compared to plants growing or the formation of rock, for example.  However, wind blowing or a stream flowing can move as quickly, or faster (!) than me doing the dishes.  By their movement (or lack of), the objects and images that star in the movie represent a playful interpretation of the extremities of sense of time.

One final thought – since nature just happens through time, I like to think about the objects of my everyday life ‘just happening.’  What do they do all day when I’m not at home? As the movie suggests, the dishes wash-up by themselves, my sweaters come out and roll around, the couch makes sculptures, projects create themselves, and my rock and shell collections perform dances for the rest of the apartment. Fun!

I hope this works:



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