Bison Bison

—from Jess

Bison Bison is a continuation of my second project, exploring both time and the exchange of information between two things… but this time taking the form of a concertina book prototype. It’s a prototype in terms of ink and paper, but I also see opportunities for further collage/image exploration.

All images were captured from motion, either video stills or by moving an object across a scanner while its being scanned. The images were then taken into Photoshop, and CMYK channels split into four grayscale files each. From here, I selected one channel to bring into the collages and colorize in InDesign as monotones.

The concept of audience/spectator as part of an image’s interpretation/meaning heavily influences this project. Here, bison are combined in the character of Rorschach ink blot tests—the viewer sees what he/she wants to or is looking for. The bison themselves begin to take on an abstract fuzziness. The concertina book format mimics a landscape, and time is explored both in generating the  images as well as paging through the book.


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