Chaos is just another word for…

Magic. Serendipity. Luck. As designers and artists we walk a fine line between chaos and order. If we lean too far in either direction our work does not make sense. We need to allow room for chance and decide whether its occurrence is beneficial to our goals. Making order from chaos, like fractals and Pollock, can provide us with a frame to hang our ideas on and provide clarity without being deadly dull. Ideas often come out of a medley of random thoughts. We float through them until something catches us and makes us look at it more carefully. Sometimes the order doesn’t reveal itself until later, as with my own work for this class, but it’s important to trust the process and let events play out before giving up on an idea.

Speaking of ideas — The Year in Ideas, my favorite issue of the NY Times Magazine is out this week. There’s one for you, Anna. Take a look at “Turbine-free wind power”. Enjoy!

— Nance


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