Ordering Chaos, from Anna

I appreciated the article on Chaos theory, and Jackson Pollack because it explained that chaos wasn’t actually random. It made me think of how everything is connected in some way and can be organized by other criteria than time and linear patterns. These days, there’s so much out there to influence us, and one little tidbit of info. can swerve us in another direction. Example: in Alex’ s other article on theory (a great intro -could have used that 2 years ago!!) Sergei Eisenstein’s writing on montage was mentioned. The word “montage” is lovely, and stuck out at me. I found out who this Eisenstein was, and looked at examples of his film concepts. This informed my project for Design Studio; I had been stuck on how to make transitions, and there were several methods to use!

I wish the article would have explained more about how Pollack used fractals, I couldn’t really get a visual. Another interesting coincidence, I had just watched the hollywood movie about him (Ed Harris plays Pollack), which was emotional and visually rich.



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