Words and visuals from Marian Bantjes

I have a book I’d like to share with you all next week (Alex has seen it already). It’s Marian Bantjes new book, I Wonder. Like her over-the-top typography and graphic work, it’s incredibly lush and extravagant, including gilt fore-edges. Her work kind of fascinates me. I brought the book in early in the semester to show Alex because of Bantjes’ propensity for creating elaborate patterns. But she’s probably more well-known for her typographical illustration. She’s laboriously constructed words out of feathers, glitter, and sugar, among other things, and her vector art has been labeled “obsessive”. I just love her unapologetic exhuberance.  Here is an interview with her about her new book that Debbie Millman did last October. Her discussion of the last chapter is especially poignant, where she talks about all of the lists her mother kept while the family was growing up and how important the detritus of those everyday records is to Marian now.

I love that she has figured out how to be a fine/graphic artist without compromising on her vision or ambition. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to be able to live on an island off the coast of  British Columbia, either.

— Nance


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