So Terry, you think you are a Designer…

from Jess.

Mauricio’s reading from last week was both entertaining and eye-opening. Terry poses the question of visual design being outdated to make sense of complex information. My first impression was no. But after thinking about this, to answer Eduardo’s response to Terry, yes… I think Terry IS a designer. I’m just not sure what flavor of designer he is.

Designers tend to be visual people. Graphic designers, architectural, interior, apparel, you name it–we work in two- and three-dimensional media.  It’s accessible, understandable, and reproducible as a means of communication. However, consider sound design. Or the design of scents and smells. These are not 2D, 3D, or visual. But they could be just as informative or persuasive if a user knew how to interpret them.

Terry’s approach to the issue alienates those working in the field of visual design, and I think he is turning a potentially positive situation into a negative one. By suggesting visual approaches are outdated, he’s going up against something that isn’t just a trend… it’s human history. However, the realm of non-visual design is out there too…I think we’re just not there yet!


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