Margolin’s article, Mauricio

The article presents an exciting issue at the beginning. Margolin is discussing here a huge design challenge. However, at the end there is not answer. Of course, theories and thinking about the future are fuzzy and that is not an easy job. Still, I think that Margolin could have taken a bigger risk proposing more about how designers should act, like Papanek or Bonsiepe did in the 1970’s. I know that he suggested some things like being prepared for complex decisions and the need of ethical analysis, but I would have liked a political/ethical position. This does not mean that I expect a polarized position. Rather, I think that when the topic is how designers should “prescribe” the world, politics are a central element.

I enjoyed the article and Margolin’s survey of future studies and criticism about Bruce Mau and Jaime Lerner. He proposed Machado’s “autonomy” of the designer. This cannot be detached from political position. Margolin said that autonomy needs “intensive reflection on one’s own values, goals, and social concerns”. I think that the design community needs to discuss this collectively and not let every designer to come up with his/her own lone ethos.


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