Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer, Beauty, Visual approaches

By Rich

Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer could do for some paraphrasing.

But it really gets across what Buckminster Fuller thinks (or rethinks). People have been thinking about what God is for so long and it’s interesting to read how someone describes the indescribable in modern thoughts and terms. It also is very similar to the concepts of beauty in how beauty is often times indescribable or at least is not described the same way by any two people. I do like the poem On Beauty and how it’s conclusion is that WE are beauty but we so often don’t realize it.

Now for a less philosophical subject:

Are visual approaches to design outdated?
Terry has a very limited concept of visual approaches and of the depth of information that can be conveyed and understood visually. Terry’s idea is that visual approaches should be confined to gathering info and to the appearance of an end product. This sounds like Terry is trying to keep designers from the decision making process. I’ve actually heard and seen Terry’s argument made by others who don’t understand what design (specifically graphic design) can offer. Business managers who think this way often times unknowingly hold back their employees and business from really succeeding.
Unfortunately, many graphic designers seem to agree with this idea; I’ve seen this behavior out in practice most often with website design. Too many “designers” think that if they master HTML, CSS, Flash, etc. and learn how to make the latest styles that they are a designer. This only makes for shallow work that may look nice. This behavior only reinforces the idea that visual approaches should be limited to the appearance of the end product.

This is a big reason I want to be a college instructor. I’d like to do my best at getting students to think, to learn, and to be involved with decisions, in essence to become real designers, ones who are involved with the design of things throughout the design process, not just concerned with how things look.


One response to “Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer, Beauty, Visual approaches

  1. The rest of the book is the same way! This was his work in progress…here is the more ‘paraphrased’ version.

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