time based media

The type in motion article was fun to read.  I could easily follow the writing and visualize the descriptions.  I’m sure the pictures helped, but since sequential illustrations, frame-by-frame and made by hand, or the screen as  changing, moving collage would both be more familiar ways for me to approach this kind of work, it appealed to me because of how I could relate to the story it told of type-moving processes.  These, so far, are the ways I would know how to approach making text (or anything) move on a screen.  These processes are laborious (frame by frame photography) and I wonder about technologies I don’t know yet and how they might inform my vision of moving imagery and help to make it less crude and more fluid.  This is on my mind as I am currently deeply in the throws of some stop motion animation.  While I enjoy the choppy effects, it leaves me curious about learning more about sequential processes.  Soon, as in  next semester, I will be venturing into the digi world by taking the class Design for the Digital Environment. I hope to be able to integrate the ‘made by hand’ with the ‘made by hand with computer’.



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