Time Based Collage

Rich Yates

This was a very interesting article. I particularly enjoyed small paragraph about time based collages and montages. I typically think of the combination of images and text in different media when I think of a collage. When we consider this as seen through a video then the element of time becomes integral in how and when these different images and text are seen, changing the context of the presentation even if just slightly.  Time allows a story or narrative to build and unfold usually giving all viewers a similar interpretation of the presentation. Where a static collage needs to be interpreted from the one single image and can more likely be interpreted differently between different people.

My original idea of collage (before reading this article) was of a still image or a non-time based presentation. The author infers that one can freeze a time based collage to get non-time based collages. The comment that “Freezing a collage sequence reveals an individual, ‘stand-alone’ composition much like a poster or painting.” struck me as at odds with my idea of collage. This seems almost as if the author lives only in a video/time based world and has no concept of static  media.

Another contradiction of what I consider a collage and this article is the multi-media aspect of collage. If viewing a collage as a video is it really a collage since it is only one media (video)? I would say yes since the filmed or assembled video images are of different media but really how is this different from a typical movie which contains images and text?


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