pasive media, clearer media?

From the reading: “The desktop computer has opened doors and allowed humans to transform a predominantly passive communication experience into an interactive one […] The development of non-linear interactive and immersive digitally based communication has enhanced, progressed, and distorted this path [between content and the viewer]”

I was thinking that although interactive media has opened many possibilities to creation and display of information. It seems to me that film/TV/video media are clearer media. In other words, the information is easier to process and there is less cognitive effort. Active user is not better that active viewer. I think video conveys wider information to broader audiences in less complexity with great efficiency.

Additionally, film/TV/video media can be as good as or better than interactive media in creating mental immersion. Janet Murray (1997) distinguished between senses immersion and mental immersion. And certainly, the latter can occur in any media from a book to complex videogames.

I know that some interactive media such as social webs (facebook) or videogames are offering and will offer great ways to convey information but I still admire the efficacy of a well-done video.


Murray, J. (1997). Hamlet on the holodeck: the future of narrative in cyberspace


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