may the font be with you

In reading the article on time-based media, one of the most obvious statements became the most interesting to consider.

“The role of time in the printed format is literally in the hands of the reader.”

The authors discuss the expectations readers have for different types of printed text, but it is also interesting to consider the shift of those printed texts to digital formats. The daily newspaper and subscription magazines are being replaced by online versions – changing the relationship between reader and “printed” text.

Unlike hard copies of the same material, the online presence of an article becomes a dynamic representation of the content. Banners, backgrounds, and advertisements can change over time, and even while viewing – altering the context of the work. Online work can also undergo revisions, or become part of a larger anthology – extending its life span. Conversely, digital content can also be easily wiped away. An article you read yesterday can be gone tomorrow, or be archived and require a subscription or access fee.

The introduction focuses on the use of technology and the use of text and image in the media of film or animation – both with discreet time frames and messages. It would be interesting to see how they handle the effect of time on media that is traditionally printed typography that has traversed to the digital medium.



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