Dead media, media that deserves to die and the quipo

Has anyone seen this article in the washington post by Ted Kopple? It is his opinion of media today. If you love MSNBC or Fox News just ignore this one, it’s a bit scathing.

While reading this, I immediately thought of Fahrenheit 451, a favorite of mine both because I was a firefighter, and also because I am a big fan of Ray Bradbury’s. In his book and also another article, Bradbury talks about walking through suburbia, past residential streets that are so incredibly busy with high speed traffic as to completely divide a town in half, and of walking past houses in which a giant glowing screen acts as a counterpoint to the large plate glass window that used to be a prized element in  a house. I’ve walked down my block and been surprised that I am the only one with a tv that doesn’t rival my front window. I’ve also been surprised by the number of people who unabashedly display the thing with curtains wide open. Ever heard of curtains Robbinsdale? Apparently not. Next time you are out for a walk think about the fact that no one sees you walking, they are turned with their back to you, absorbing their media. Will we someday look back and think about the sidewalk the way we look at the quipo? What is this concrete slap thing doing in front of my house? And why must I shovel the snow off of it every time it snows.

Another thought springs to mind, did any of you know that all of the video game systems we knew as children, or maybe as teenagers, (we don’t need to get into that) will not work on the new HD tv’s? I’m not even that old, and the things I had in my childhood are dying in front of me.


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