Sterling’s article (Mauricio)

It is very easy to think that all of us live in the same technology and media age. After all, everyone around us has cell phone, laptop, Internet service, etc. However, we are just the minority of the world. I agree that it is thrilling that we can survive generations of media. But there are still a lot of people in the world that do not even have access to dead media. Indeed, if we think on those that are illiterates, we realize that they might not be even at Quipu level. Their communication media is limited to speech. And these kinds of people are also in the States.

So far, every technology creates more complexity and more difficulties for all to use it, that is why some many media such cinema is not dead. I don’t think that many of our grandpas are watching movies in smart phones or iPads.

I would be more “deliciously thrilled” when technology can additionally reduce social gaps. New media and technologies seem to have the potential for this. Maybe the promise of natural interfaces or some kind of object-less tech can do that. I can actually think of two nice examples. One is the kinect of Xbox 360 that allows you to interact without anything in your body. The other is the a NEC’s ad system inspired by Minority Report movie that can identify your gender and age to display ad of your interest. My thinking with this is that when technology is actually part of our environment might reach more people.


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