my three-thousand dollar hamster

Sterling raises an interesting point about Science fiction writers. It had not occurred to me that the role of sci-fi writers was changing so much. When you look at the classic sci-fi books like The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, Slaughterhouse 5, Brave New World, and so on the future and technology portrayed in most of these novels are so different than the reality of what the future really is today. When you exam the current sic-fi films and their portrayal of the future it seems very distant and unrealistic, yet that future could very well be just around the corner.

The most interesting point that Sterling makes is how human beings are now outliving whole generations of media. Most media is so unreliable and will be replaced so fast yet we rely so heavily on it. We put our whole lives on our cell phones and computers. If my computer was to die right now I couldn’t run my business. That would be the end for me. Yet even though I know that this machine is so unreliable I still rely very heavily on it. Can we really function with our machines? It would be very difficult for me.

Last week I dropped my cell phone into the toilet. This was very devastating for me. My phone wouldn’t work it died. I got a new Android phone and I hate it. It’s suppose to be the best, latest cell phone yet it has so many gadgets that to make a simple phone call is just exhausting. Yes I can access the internet at the touch of a button but to make a simple call is a lot more work. Sterling’s article really made me think about the advancement of technology. Perhaps they are not always good. Sometimes they make our lives more complicated. It’s sad to admit how heavily I really on technology, and how much I really need my three-thousand dollar hamster. – Veronica


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