Veronica’s Yellowstone Adventure

I’m not sure if this counts as working with my hands but after my husband and I went to Yellowstone I was very inspired. We did a lot of hiking and while I was in Yellowstone I drew many drawings and later wrote a blog on my experience. Here is what I wrote:

On a recent trip to Yellowstone Park I realized where great artists can find true inspiration. The beauty and grandeur of the geysers, waterfalls, mud pools and creatures of Yellowstone are enough to inspire one for years.

Many graphic designers look for inspiration in big cities and commercial design. They see what their colleagues and past professionals have created and try to add their own twist. I recommend a fresh start. Take a walk off the beaten path; watch and listen to the birds, stare into a river, or find a quiet place with a good view. Take a deep breath, clear your head of everything you know, and just relax. Don’t worry or stress about details or deadlines.

To create great art one must appreciate the beauty and benevolence of the universe. I see the colors, texture and shapes in Yellowstone as the basis of every painting, design and photograph.

Next time you’re searching for inspiration or just need a pick-up on life, get out and explore the natural wonders that surround us.


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