Another thought – Mauricio

Last years, I’ve worked and designed mostly using my computer tools. And I think that it influences the way your mind works. It was interesting for me reading Alex’s post and how she finds focus in the repetitive tasks. I wish I could do the same. From folding clothes to cutting paper, I am rather occupying my mind in complex math equations about when to get done. Repetitive tasks make me a little bit anxious. I wonder if serendipity and easiness of repetition in the computer (that I have used a lot of times) might affect my attitude towards repetitive work. I do have, however, moments when I need to work with my hands. For example, quick layouts or clay models are better than doing a digital sketch or a 3D model in the computer.


One response to “Another thought – Mauricio

  1. I do math problems in my head also! Especially while driving, like trying to figure out what time I will arrive somewhere at my current speed. Or like determining how many more miles I can drive on the amount of gas I have (means I have to determine my current gas consumption, etc. first). I do also take inspiration from the surroundings though, there are so many patterns along a road.
    Yes, I did drive to Kansas and back this weekend!

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