Mauricio’s response – Crawford

I found Crawford’s reading (provided by Nance) stimulating. I was wondering recently about scales of strength and/or complexity in visual communication and I had: (1) understanding – basic comprehension of information/diagrams, (2) persuasion – conviction and acceptance of information/visual rhetoric, and (3) engagement – motivation and personalization of information/becoming active participant in communication. I was just doing this to organize a project, but I know is kind of naïve and needs further exploration.

After Crawford’s reading, I think I missed what he called “seeing clear, or unselfishly”. Now I am wondering how design could create (if possible) visual information that induces “attentive openness” in users/receivers to seek things and expect misunderstanding. This goes beyond understanding, acceptance, or personalization, and should start with designers themselves. We might fail if we are not involved in “seeing clearly” before designing.


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