Anna’s response to Crawford: sensual process!

The clearest example of insight from process in my own studio practice is the development of the dyed patterns on fabric. I worked directly in response to the materials; I did not plan or design them prior to working with the actual materials. Many years of experimenting with the properties of fabric made the dialog a 2-way conversation. I would suggest an idea, the fabric and dye responded, I listened and replied back, and so on. Now, I do more design digitally, but continue to converse with the materials as they are printed. This is a different kind of conversation because it is not as immediate; the language is not as easy or comfortable. The reading talked about the concept-driven vs. data-driven approach (bottom of p. 91). With practice, I hope this new language merges with the former for a more complex and “sensual” experience. Often, I observe the design-then-execute process that technology encourages, and not to eradicate that reality of design, I prefer the personal engagement that Crawford discusses.


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