Rich’s 1st project

An Instant

A line
connected to all
shared thoughts
at once.

How do colors, surrounding images, location, sounds, viewing angle, time, words, and even knowledge interact with a representation to give it meaning? With this first project, I’ve become interested in seeing how I could change the meaning of representations. My original idea was to change the meaning of the Volkswagen Beetles image on three different panels through the use of different backgrounds. As this project progressed, it did take on a life of it’s own and slowly became about mass-production and consumption through time and how it affects how we view and interact with our world. The final piece does not show my original concept, of obvious changes in the image’s meaning, but I did play around with this idea and the piece does show the changes that I was looking for (just more subtly). I do want to continue working on the idea of changing the meaning of content through changes in context. I am also very interested in how past artwork and design’s meanings have changed through changes in location, sounds, time, etc.


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