Photos from Puerto Rico, collage x 2 by Alex

I’ve used my own photography as source material many times before.  It’s always served as a good starting point for me.  Since the nature of these works involves tracing parts of the photos into a drawn collage (which sometimes feels like cheating or something), somehow that fact that they’re my images, my own choices of moments of time captured, lessens the ‘cheating’ feeling.

I felt encouraged to take on this style of drawn collage again after reading the Susan Sontag article.  Using photography in this drawn way, to me, seems to return the imagery to what is more traditionally viewed as ‘art, though I hadn’t considered this notion until recently from thinking about the articles we’ve read.

I got the idea to try to further the collage idea into the 3-d realm because I usually create in 2-d.  I got to thinking about how I could translate my 2-d images in a more sculptural way, while maintaining or even enhancing the visual information and feeling I’m trying to invoke in the first place.  So, what I’ve created is sort of a collage of a collage.  I’d like to continue to explore this 2-d/3-d relationship in more of my work.


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