Lack of “pseudo-concepts” – Tony

In this first print, I wanted to work with as little predetermination of the final concept as possible, achieve a minimum level of technical skill and craft in the execution of the work, and juxtapose the image context with the situational context. Generally, I work through a project by researching and defining a problem or opportunity and then going through a structured, cyclical process of concept generation, representation, and selection. However, I was captivated by Paz’s chapter, Use and Contemplation, and very interested in the idea that the concept would be generated through execution, rather than iterative definition. The images initially selected were chosen because I found them interesting, not because I was searching for the perfect image to fit an idea which I already possessed. In fact, the images chosen initially didn’t make it into the final work. They did allow me to begin to explore the idea that the final concept might be about performing a routinely practiced, structured process or task series in the situation for which one is practicing. The flight attendant is instructing the donning of a flotation device, in a collected manner, I wanted to overlay that task sequence on the backdrops for which the sequence might unfold, the sky, smoke, and finally water.


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