Neil Arends

The inspiration for this project came from an already finished piece of graphic art. The original work focused on relating interconnection with the use of organic forms, and the process of ascension with light and layers of material. For the next production in the series, I had hoped to flatten the art into a two dimensional version of the original. I originally focused on representing the same concepts with layers of ink, which proved troublesome. A series of color studies did not achieve the dimension I was searching for. The intended relationships were being lost. At this point I stepped away.

Only days later, and after practicing [yoga], did it become clear to me. The message was being lost, because the meaning of the piece had changed entirely for me. My life, like so many others, is busy. Too busy. Not only is there not enough time in the day, there is too much in the day to be concerned with. Taking in millions of messages, dealing with a myriad of minutiae, it is nearly impossible to find stillness or peace. How we live our daily lives is so important, yet it is rarely a priority when we are caught up in the moment, or string of moments that make up our day. Seeing the project in this light immediately reminded me of the yoga sutra “Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness.” Focusing on the importance of making sense of one’s self, and our relation and connection to the world.


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