Distortion and Visual Reverb – Márit

I am captivated by the mantra “seeing is believing.” Themes that make up our lives, however – beauty, judgements, positives and negatives, for example – are entirely a matter of perception. One may base what is real on what they perceive with their eyes, while another may believe something different because they perceive it differently. I also wonder why so many others don’t put as much faith in their other senses, why the only act of seeing, regardless of what they hear, smell, taste or touch, will make something real.

I based my project on the idea of translating audio distortion to something visual. “Reverberation” means resonance, which can cause a distortion of a sound. A distorted visual often translates to misrepresentation or a garbled view. I included the use of print blocks to  convey a message that conflicts with the hidden image of a stone angel, something often seen as a pure representation of beauty. The thought I’d like people to take away is that there is beauty even in distortion.


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