The Windmill Book—Jess

My first project relied heavily on an intuitive/reactionary (or gut-instinct!), process. The choice of windmill image was based on visual complexity and that it lives on my parents’ property. I used an x-acto knife, sharpie, and tape to shape and develop the image. Much of this was done while listening to music or in a conversation…. the image sort of expanded itself. Using magenta screenprint ink (“pick a cheerful color”–thanks James!) and butcher paper I found on a table behind me in the studio, I printed a few images and let them dry. Once they were dry, it seemed natural they should be immediately folded… and layered… and thus, eventually found their way into a book format. I hadn’t planned on a book at all.

It’s this “framework” of chance and randomness I am interested in pursuing with other projects in this course. Additionally, I’ve been reading Lawrence Lessig’s book Remix for another (non-design) class and find aspects of it relevant to my design interests.

One of the chapters  focuses on collaborative spaces, which  got me thinking about not just people collaborating (per Lessig’s definition) but artefacts themselves collaborating and building off one another—in a way that is unplanned and random. It’s the simplicity of a stencil I’d like to take into the second project to create a small series of images, as follows: Perhaps I start with a printed image, then literally cut a stencil into it. That stencil shape informs the next image, which in turn has a different stencil cut into it. And so forth. I don’t know if I will use screenprint or digital printing for this; connections among hand-cut shapes, scanning, and digital printing would be interesting to explore.


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