Smarter consumers project – Mauricio

I initially wanted to work with communication of complex concepts. I decided to work with food mass production criticism, inspired by Food Inc documentary. My aim was to create representations using visual rhetoric tools.

I think that my first print has the potential of strong persuasion, which was a result of using rhetorical figures. Specifically I used paradoxical relation of elements. For example, promoting a negative value in the eggs pack or adding organic food news in the background. On the other hand, I think I can improve technical issues. I did not planned how to match my two layers of ink; consequently the second layer took a lot of time and the ink dried in the screen mesh between applications. Thus, I have to improve timing with ink to avoid drying. Also I have to calculate better the size, I did two emulsions, one too small and one too big.

For my next project I would like to explore other rhetorical figures in the same topic. Also I would like to reduce visibility of digital processes to get a more “handcraft” effect.


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