Nance’s project(s)

When I first heard about what type of work we could be doing in this class and the range of tools and techniques we had available to do it with, I had the impulse to make something that could collect all of the individual pieces into one. I though of a tunnel book as a way to do this. A tunnel book is a whimsical structure that doesn’t really resemble a book. It’s made up of “pages” that function almost like a theater set, “bound” into a box-like “book” that you view from one end, peering into a little world as though you’re looking through a key hole.

I’d like to use each assignment to make pages for a tunnel book that can be viewed from two directions, learning about and playing with printing, cutting, and assembly processes along the way. The end product (I hope) will be a “visual representation” of the same theme seen from two directions. The bonus will be the eyeballs at either end of the “tunnel”, assuming two people look in at the same time. I’m not sure yet how this will play out, but I’m in this for the journey, as they say, and not the destination.

So far, I am exploring a three-color silkscreen process with a halftone separated for red-green-blue. Everything I’ve been taught as a graphic designer says that CMYK is the way to go for a color photo, so I’m curious to see what I get out of this image. For the flip side of the pages I’d like to print (with letterpress?) a more figurative version of the photo, probably in black and white, but maybe with black and a color. I’d love to play with wood type for a title that would/could function as the sides and cover; and maybe utilize the laser cutter in Rapson to cut the pages before assembling.

I was partly inspired by the work of Andrea Dezsö, a multi-talented artist who created a room-size “tunnel book” installation at Rice University,, although my little project will be nothing like her work. I have always loved the idea of little worlds that coexist with our big world – worlds to be found in tree stumps, mouse holes, doll houses. And I like to make stuff.


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