Veronica’s Response to Susan Sontag’s In Plato’s Cave

Susan Sontag expressed many interesting opinions in this article. What struck me the most was her view on photography and travel. Travel is one of my biggest passions. I’m almost always planning a trip, and I do take a lot of photos when I travel. However I have not thought much about the reason I take so many photos. Sontag states that “Photographs will offer indisputable evidence that the trip was made, that the program was carried out, that fun was had.” If I travel and don’t take any photos I feel like the trip is not the same, like I’m not accomplishing what I set out to do. The photos are proof that I went and had fun. The photo’s give the trip a bigger purpose.

Most of the time when I get home from a trip the first thing I do is look at the photos and often times post them on facebook and share them with friends and family. Sontag writes that “Using a camera appease the anxiety which the work-driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun.” When I share my photos I feel like I’m proving to everyone including myself that I was accomplishing something. In this respect photography becomes an obsession, a need to capture all the fun moments and pretty sights that we witness. Photography makes us feel better about life. This article really made me rethink how I utilize photography in my life.

Well that about wraps it up, I better go take a photo…..


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