Veronica’s Response to Use and Contemplation

When I first began creating art, I definitely drew from within. Thinking back to my drawings from High School, all of the art I created was just a way of expressing myself. There was no purpose to this art, no message or agenda. My drawings were my creative outlet. I drew all the time and sometimes most of the day.
Now after 8 years of being in the graphic design business I rarely get to create art that is not structured around a concept. Almost all of my design has a purpose, a message and an agenda. Meaning has become very important to my work.
I hope that I will have the ability to create art without concept or purpose in the near future. I have a hard time of letting go of structure and purpose.
My goal for this year is to go back to a more hands-on approach and to create more art that is just for fun and for myself, and not for a client or specific purpose.


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