Veronica’s Response

I certainly agree with Berger that the way we perceive the worlds is based on our own personal knowledge. Art helps us make sense of the way we perceive the world. Every person perceives the world differently and therefor will perceive art differently that is what makes art so subjective.
I would however disagree with Berger’s views on the written word. Berger states that “images are more precise and richer than literature.” This is not always accurate. Literature can sometimes be a more effective way of communicating than art. As a designer I strive to combine both the written word and imagery to communicate effectively with my audience. Granted there are certain things we cannot put into words but that images can illustrate.

The most interesting part of the article for me was his explanation of Cubists. It is interesting to think that because of the invention of the camera artists began to look at the world from a different angle. Perhaps that is true in our culture with computers. I certainly am forced to design differently when it comes to the web.

The reproduction of art has changed the way that people now look at art versus the past. I greatly appreciate the fact that art is now available to the masses. The reproduction of art has given a lot more people the opportunity to reach the masses with there art. When I create an advertisement for example I have the ability to instantly communicate with millions of people. That is a very powerful tool.


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